The life you always wanted is many delicious bites away. 

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About Bek


Health VISION - Seeing the New You

Step-by-step lifestyle game plan

Cleansing/healing protocol

Tools to overcome food addiction

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Changing your mind to change your health


My Story

Using Raw Vegan detox, I healed myself of

"Crohn's disease," which was deemed by western medicine as "incurable." Even after the doctor told me his gloomy prediction of my life of endless suffering, I knew in my spirit that there was a way to become healthy again, and that I would find it. 

It's been a long journey; overcoming food addiction. Going through uncomfortable detox. Step by step moving up rung after rung on the ladder of health. 

The thing is, curing yourself is SIMPLE, but I'm not saying it's easy (at first.) It can be very uncomfortable to change (and also ecstatic at times.) 

Working through old eating patterns, family structures, and societal pressures can be tricky, and there are many places to trip and fall into a ditch of the old ways of being. 

It's ok if you fall in a ditch, as long as you get out and keep walking down the road to your health and wellness. With the right support, and mental/emotional tools, it's a lot easier to stay on track. 

All I can offer you, is the same process I did for myself.

My process works. And it works for millions of other people as well. I went from bed-ridden in incredible pain, hospital bound and weak, to vibrantly healthy, energetic, climbing mountains, taking dance classes, and starring in theatre! 

Remember, when illness takes your health away, it doesn't just take away your physical state of wellness, it actually takes away your life. It takes you away from the things you are meant to be doing, away from the reason why you're here. You deserve to live a blissful life doing what makes you feel alive and wonderful!!

It's time to come back to health so that you can feel the truth:   that life... IS a gift. 

I'm here to support you on your journey in practical direct ways. This website is chocked full of helpful tips, recipes and education. 

If you sign up for coaching with me, we'll make you a meal plan and a detox plan that fits your needs. 

Contact me to start your journey today!!!