The life you always wanted is many delicious bites away. 

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The Cause and Cure of All Disease

and how to get healthy


Tired? Living with pain? Chronic illness? Mystery symptoms? Cancer? Diabetes? Heart Disease?

Cleansing your body can help!


Your body is a finely-tuned machine, Divinely Designed to function perfectly and without any disease or illness..... as long as it’s clean!

Cleaning your body is simple! 

On this site you will learn:

1. The causes of disease, as well as the framework for health (knowledge is power)

2. Why virtually all diseases disappear in a clean body

3. And practical step-by-step guide to start your healing journey TODAY 

4. I am here to support you in moving toward your TOTALLY HEALTHY, and PERFECTLY WELL Self!

Recipes & Tips 


See blog. 

Personalized Guidance and one-on-one Coaching


    Have you ever wanted to change your diet and lifestyle but not been able to because of:

* Food addiction

* A lack of clarity of what to do

* Lifestyle inconveniences

* Pressures from the people around you to stay the same?

* Or fear of change?

Due to the above listed factors I stayed sick FAR longer than I needed to. 

On this site, I will give you the shortcuts to your healing, so you can heal faster. 

You CAN be healthy! Millions of people around the world are discovering the holistic secrets to health and HEALING THIER DISEASES COMPLETELY. 

You are no different than them. You may think you are. You may be thinking of all the reasons a healing lifestyle change won't work for you. But you're NOT different from the people who have healed "incurable" diseases.

EVERYONE has HUGE obstacles when they are in a deep chronic painful illness. The obstacles may be financial, environmental, mental, emotional - you may even be too sick to prepare the food that heals you. 

In this article "How to Overcome ANY Obstacle," I will give you practical mental, emotional, spiritual, and every day life tips to start and maintain the healing life you deserve. 

This is a journey. Right now you are in the matrix of patterns that created your illness. To change the structures of your life, mind, emotions, diet and everything else it takes for total transformation to take root, you may need a coach and some support along the journey.

It's amazing what a phone call can do. It's even more amazing what a home visit or total kitchen overhaul can do too. The key is consistency. You need someone in your corner who is as committed to your health as you are. Consistent weekly phone calls can do the trick. In fact, twice a week phone calls are even better. 

Prices are negotiable. I know when we're sick, we often loose the ability to get income. If you can afford the prices listed on my services page, thank you. If you need some help and guidance and are extremely committed to your transformational journey, send me an email with a prices schedule that works for you. 

I love you, and I want you to be healthy.